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black.jpg black is a cool colour and does enhance the feeling of style. I do think you need to mix it up a bit though with greys and whites.


Levi Jackets

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levi-jacket.JPGWhenever i see someone wearing a denim jacket i always look to see if its a levi jacket (i know its sad) – if i dont see the red label – i somehow feel that the garment isnt quite what it should be and a imitation.

French and Italian

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I reckon these are the most stylish people – just walk around Rome or Paris and you see fantastic style.


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If you had to pick 0ne person in the world who you would consider had major style who would it be. isabella rossilini would be my choice what about you guys ?

Vivienne Westwood

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This unique designer was up in the Northeast this week opening a major exhibition of lace. this is at the fantastic Bowes Museum. The exhibition is called Fine & Fashionable. if you like lace and its history this is definitely worth a visit. Vivienne has also donated some of her great work .