The bike

Bought a new bike – not had a new one for a few years
The deal was no pedals supplied, but when it came they had put a set in a box which was nice
It has sat in the room for 2 weeks, weather not good
looking at it, fantastically made piece of design and engineering

The weather has turned, sun came out
Went for a ride, gears smooth, bike wants to go quickly
Getting from A-B so fast
Going up hills I thought would be difficult
The gear range is so good, cruise up them

Like it lots


Devices on a Train

On a train journey from York to Durham.

laptop, notepad, smart phone

beep, flicker, connect and drone

machines on people’s laps

many little taps

linking to contacts by email and text

looking at messages and selecting the next

constant sound of ring tones

of blackberries and i-phones

the journey has changed from a time before

connecting to others, now at the fore.