The Purple Patch

A period of success

Results going your way

New things seem to work

Patch signifies a period of time

Can we have a patch now please

And have it extended forever

Thanking you.



Paradox in a word

Both together

But very different

Opposites attract

Not completely satisfactory

But a true state.


The Litmus test

The test that is the key decider

The one that makes your mind up

The acid test

The one thing that tells you how it is

The single indicator to prompt a decision

The answer to make a judgement

A crtical indication of future success or failure

The answer is here.

Wimbledon Queue

Poetic Licence

A few tips for those thinking about queuing at Wimbledon – to get a show court ticket it is an overnight job.

When you get to the park where the queue begins, you get a ticket which is your place in the queue. You put your tent up although some people still elect to sleep under the stars, its fine if it is dry night but i have experienced drizzle and it was a very long night for those without tents.

You can use any tent as the queue is now in a park and all on grass. Some of the tents are quite big ie 4 man jobs.

It is very well organised and there is a snack van on the park which sells bacon sandwiches first thing on a morning but is not open late at night,

Each morning you are woken by the of the early morning…

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