Lorraine Marriner

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This is really good – enjoyed the reading

The Streets with no Space

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Driving around, streets packed with motors

Parking bays planned using minimum quotas

Going for a drive, it used to be fun

Now its just, give way as another car comes

We really do need to start thinking ahead

Planning for cars and using our head.

points of interest

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towers and steeples

filling the space

creating a skyline

where eagles grace.

wild flowers

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looking at the beautiful wild flower meadow

Its rhythm and colour something to treasure

look very carefully and open your eyes

This view of nature will take you by surprise.


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Creative talent at the Low Wood hotel
Sharing the art they know so well
Real talent on show in the gallery spaces
Interactive art helping to learn young faces
Sinedubioart really leading the way
Showcasing great art and sculpting in clay.


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Initial view
The view 
My view
Your view
Our view
Team view
Other view
To view
Sea view
Nice view
Rear view
River view
Restricted view
Over view.


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The start of exploring whatever we want

Experience the world on this interesting jaunt

New experience will broaden the mind

Eager anticipation on what we will find.