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Summer in full flow

Blooms out on show

Summer routine in play

Different from the normal day

Time not as as influential

Keeping to it not as essential

Summer time is good time.



Sunderland Coast

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Poetic Licence

Went for a drive on the road near the sea 

Incredible body of water so blue and free

An amazing sight with all the boats in the distance

How lucky are we at this jewels existence.  

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Creative talent at the Low Wood hotel
Sharing the art they know so well
Real talent on show in the gallery spaces
Interactive art helping to learn young faces
Sinedubioart really leading the way
Showcasing great art and sculpting in clay.


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Old weary clothes need to be shed

Buying a new range the way ahead

Slight trepidation as the old go west

New ones bought now looking your best.

Feeding time

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Into the cavity it does dash

Feeding the chicks with its cache

The non stop activity to constantly feed

Will help the chicks grow and breed

The Butchers Dog

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The Butchers dog is a big old thing

Eats lots of bones which the Butcher brings

Waddles around in the yard out the back

Often sleeping in his home made shack

Plenty of left overs come his way

Usually at the start and end of the day

The yard is his world, he doesnt see much more

Wandering around with half an eye on the door.