Loosing the Battle

Welcome back to guest poet Peter Jones and his new poem Loosing the Battle – written after thinking about the effects of dementia

They say I’m going Senile
But I can’t remember why
It sounds such a lovely place
Where the Sea meets the Nile
I wonder how I got here
I wonder did I fly?
Is it just a holiday
Or the place that I must die.

I don’t feel I have a problem
Though others say I do
From inside looking out
It’s them, they don’t have a clue
I see you standing there
You say your name is Son
Can this man in front of me
Really be My Son?

When I had a Mam and Dad
They used to call me “Son”
Is this Me in front of Me
Can I really have a Son?

I have a lot of memories
They happen when I cry
I can never seem to hold them
No matter how I try
They must have happened long ago
In some long lost distant past
Was I really a Sailor?
Thirty years “afore the mast”

The sands of time they try to hide
My thoughts they come and go
Of sunny lands and mountains sides
Sailing on some foreign shore
Is it really my life that I see?
Or something that I read
Will it all be over soon?
Or with me till I’m Dead

They Say I’m going senile
But I can’t remember why!

Today’s Quote :- Live your Life well and to the full, and your memories will be so much better when you need them


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