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Reader, I’ve been thinking about the art of giving feedback. My kids are old enough now that “Not for babies!” and “Stop!” and “That’s a no-no!” will no longer do (BTW, call me old fashioned, but I’m perfectly comfortable saying No to children.). They are at the age where the goal of giving feedback is for them to start figuring things out for themselves, and where if it’s not delivered effectively, the feedback isn’t useful to them.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about giving effective feedback lately, and there are some things I’ve learned about it that seem equally true in parenting and in poetry. I’ll share them here, and I invite you to share what you’ve learned about giving effective feedback — in parenting, poetry, or both — in comments.

First let’s talk about praise. Praise, meaning: (v) 1. express warm approval of or admiration; 2. express respect and…

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