Poems from the Pub.

Peter Jones

During a discussion down the Pub the subject came up “What Advice did your Dad Give you when you were a kid???” and did you take it, or ignore it??? 

Things like Tom Cruises’ Dad telling him to eat his Veg otherwise he would not grow Tall?,

One of the group said his Father had given him really good advice, and this is the story in a poem. 

 Be Proud Ted 

 My Father one day said to Me 

Ted never be afraid of what you can be 

Ted never be ashamed of your name 

One day, it will bring you Fame 

Ted don’t listen to the Fools 

Always follow my guiding Rules 

I remember that eventful day 

Only because my name is Ray 

Quote for today: – Always Listen to your Parents, they know what’s best for you. 



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