A really great poem


Smiling thoughts

When life gets you down,
When life gets too tough,
Just think of the good times,
All the happy stuff,
The days when you were younger,
Fearless and free,
When you could dress like anybody,
that you wanted to be,
Drawing on your bedroom walls,
Instead of on paper,
Without caring about,
The trouble you were in later,
Being in your bedroom,
For hours on end,
Playing game after game,
With your imaginary friend,
Frustrating your parents,
Thinking it was funny,
“Why did you swallow your cash?”
“You said it was lunch money!”
The times with no responsibility,
When you could do whatever you please,
From riding your bike,
To swinging from tree’s,
So when adulthood gets hard,
Just think back at the past,
Because the memories will make you smile,
And they will always last.

A Poem By Corey Booth (The one I wrote to start week…

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