A Poem by Peter Jones

I was in my garden thinking about my Grandson Dylan and Grand Daughter Lily coming to visit me and the time we would spend playing in the garden, “just day dreaming.”

Dedicated to my grandson Dylan.

Little Bee Visitor

Sitting in the morning sun
Contemplating things to come
Saw a bee out to play
Wasn’t there yesterday
You’re up early I said to him
Yes I’ve just been down the gym
It’s not so easy when you’re round
To keep your feet up off the ground
It’s not so easy trying to run
When you have a furry bum
Must be fit for this life
must cut the air just like a knife
I can climb the biggest tree
Bet you’re not as fit as me

What’s your name I asked on leaving
just incase we meet this evening
my name is Dylan Benjamin Bee
an Aristocrat as you can see
I’m sorry I can’t stop to talk
Got to find the nearest park
Over fields near and far
Only wish that I could draw
I need a map to find my way
I really haven’t got all day
Dodging in and out of trees
With pollen bags upon my knees
Its not as easy as they say
Collecting nectar every day
Got this job for Google Earth
Mapping plants for all I’m worth
Dylan said he had an app
Google Earth now that’s a map
Then he laughed and buzzed with mirth
You can find me now on Google Earth
Off he flew in that strange manner
Left and right just like a spanner

Good luck little bee I hope you make it!


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