A Poem about Japan by Peter Jones

I wrote this on Thursday 17 March 2011, after I had read the reports of how desperate the situation was in Japan, it must be at least Thirty years now that the world has been spending Billions of pounds on Robots and Space Suites, how is it that they evacuate 200,000 people out of the area including the actual plant workers and then expect pilots to risk their lives to drop water onto the reactors, is it that the Robots they build are only for Military use??.

Waves of Death are at my door
Claiming lives like non before
Are we being left to die
That is now the Sendai cry
Winter Snows at minus five
Who will help us stay alive
Where’s the world and its Red Nose Day
All of my family swept away

People aren’t there anymore
Just hundreds of bodies on the shore
Message boards so full of hope
More is needed now to cope

Nature is such a mighty foe
Now that Fukushima is ready to blow
Billions spent on Robot tools
To save us all from being Ghouls
Robot feelings and their own AI
Maybe they also don’t want to die


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