Waiting at Durham station (England) little bird singing

I often go to Durham station to get the early train to London – this particular morning a little bird was singing at the top of its voice, a lovely morning with a beautiful song – please feel free to comment.

At the top of the tree a small bird sings its song
The tree is without leaves but it won’t be for long
The crisp Durham morning and the clear blue sky
It’s perfect theatre to hear the birds cry
Its perched at the top vibrating its tune
We know it wont be long before Spring is due.


One thought on “Waiting at Durham station (England) little bird singing

  1. Hi Ed.
    love your poems; the Durham one’s beautiful. You certainly do have a certain sophistication and originality, in my opinion… really capturing something…

    Our band’s site is, colouristproject.co.uk

    Hope you like one or two of the songs.
    My email address is: dean.robertson@citysun.ac.uk , if you fancy keeping in touch.
    Great nite last night!!!! really excited about seeing Wilco Johnson.
    hear from you soon. Will send Dick a CD when we get them – great meeting you both.

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