The Hedgehog who had no Spikes

any suggestions how to end this story guys

Part 1

The Hedgehog lets call him Eric woke up from what seemed like months of hibernation and felt very groggy and somewhat strange. He felt slightly odd but didn’t know why. He made his way out of the warm nest he had spent the last few months sleeping in and went to have a drink in the pond next to the tree stump. When he got there he looked around and started to have a nice refreshing drink. Glancing at the water he noticed that his spikes which had been there before his long sleep had now gone.

Part 2

Eric was a quick to realise that this made him a little vulnerable and his instincts meant he made his way back to his nest to take stock and fret a little about what to do next. He sat for 2 days not really sure of what to do and was upset in a kinda hedgehog way. He did not feel like moving but he was getting a little peckish.
He waited until dark and made his way gingerly out of the nest.

He was in his own world only concentrating on finding beetles and the odd caterpillar he kept to the side of the fence and walked a little slower than normal suddenly he heard a loud noise and stopped still.


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