I am finding it difficult to post anything at the moment as i am travelling a lot with work and also my computer is in storage. My laptop is only used for work and i never use it for the blog.

I was in London this morning and had bought a saver return to get back to Sunderland I wanted to get on the 9am but the ticket was not valid so I had 1/2 hour to mull around Kings Cross- the fashion on the street was excellent and style was everywhere. it made me think about how diverse and different we all are yet in many ways have the same concerns and thoughts.

While in London i stayed a the Tower Hotel and last night was spent with a whisky and lemonade watching the floodlit Tower Bridge.
I am in Sunderland library at the moment where you get a set time on the computer (mine is nearly up) i hope to get a chance tommorow to do a proper post. Chow.


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