Carmen Kass

I was browsing designer sites today and got thinking about catwalk models and who i would choose if I could employ one to model clothes. It would be difficult to choose but it would have to be Carmen



5 thoughts on “Carmen Kass

  1. Aliza
    I think your jewelery is great.I am having a website built at the moment selling fairtrade jewelery. i will incude youre site as one of my recommended sites and will contact you when nearer launch hopefully in about 3 weeks. We could possibly have a section for your lovely stuff and
    direct orders straight to you.

  2. I honestly don’t know much about individual models (eep!). I’d probably have to go for a shorter (do they exist?) model if I designed clothes… because they would be for people my size!

  3. That sounds like a great idea – I reckon most things would fit and look great with a figure like hers. But a great designer would make clothes that
    enhanced and looked great on all shapea and sizes.
    I dont know any but it would be a breath of fresh air if at one of the shows it had a cross section of figures.

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