Leaves of burnt orange, copper and rust

Falling and floating  with each new gust

Trees now occupying the centre stage

Their vibrant colours on a new page

New season upon us in all its renown

Loose carpets of leaves all around town

Autumn is here with its reflective ways

Its sights and sounds and vibrant blaze.



















The wind on my face

Its the small things that become important

Like the wind on your face

Or having a hug and a loving embrace

The feeling of freedom when you step out of the door

Down to Seaburn and the pebbles on the shore.



The Streets with no Space

Driving along, streets packed with motors

Estate parking bays planned using minimum quotas

Going for a drive, it used to be fun

Now its just, give way as another car comes

We really do need to start thinking ahead

Planning for cars and using our head.

Empty shops

Walking around the town centre – so many empty shops, we need to value the Butchers and Bakers and independent retailers.

Another dream gone, sale sign tells a tale
the business started with hope, is now up for sale
hats off to the folk who have tried
It is such a shame the business has died

It’s not easy starting from scratch
It takes courage and energy to open the latch
the key is to try to build a good customer base
not necessarily easy in every case.