Official Poet of the Northern Hinterlands

North Sea


In the box, is it alive or dead
Schrodinger’s cat, it’s all in the head
What do we think is it’s current state
Is it ok or is it too late

On a train journey from York to Durham.

laptop, notepad, smart phone

beep, flicker, connect and drone

machines on people’s laps

many little taps

linking to contacts by email and text

looking at messages and selecting the next

constant sound of ring tones

of blackberries and i-phones

the journey has changed from a time before

connecting to others, now at the fore.

Clusters of snowdrops, so green and white

Nodding their flowers, such a beautiful sight 

Heartening as nature moves towards spring

Hearing the dawn chorus as the songbirds sing.

The Streets with no Space

Driving around, streets packed with motors

Parking bays planned using minimum quotas

Going for a drive, it used to be fun

Now its just, give way as another car comes

We really do need to start thinking ahead

Planning for cars and using our head.

points of interest

towers and steeples

filling the space

creating a skyline

where eagles grace.

wild flowers

looking at the beautiful wild flower meadow

Its rhythm and colour something to treasure

look very carefully and open your eyes

This view of nature will take you by surprise.

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