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Summer in full flow

Blooms out on show

Summer routine in play

Different from the normal day

Time not as as influential

Keeping to it not as essential

Summer time is good time.




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An event that resuts in an outcome

A cousin of relational

Quite a potent combination

Trading in the world.

The Purple Patch

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A period of success

Results going your way

New things seem to work

Patch signifies a period of time

Can we have a patch now please

And have it extended forever

Thanking you.


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Paradox in a word

Both together

But very different

Opposites attract

Not completely satisfactory

But a true state.


Discover the Dawn

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Early morning, fresh air

The freshest of the day

Quiet but not still

Not still, life stirring

Sun rises to the east

Sky sits there up above

Another dawn breaks

A day begins.


The Green light

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Its a yes to proceed

Lets get moving

Forward march

Approval granted

Permission granted

Free to go.

The Litmus test

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The test that is the key decider

The one that makes your mind up

The acid test

The one thing that tells you how it is

The single indicator to prompt a decision

The answer to make a judgement

A crtical indication of future success or failure

The answer is here.